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Google Pixel 3 Camera  ·  2019-03-17 The camera was one of the things that drew me to the Pixel 3. It is simply fantastic. Super-Res Zoom doesn’t seem to have gotten as much attention Android  ·  2018-12-14 I have pretty much decided to get a Google Pixel 3 for my next phone. I’ve always been interested in Android but never switched. I won a BlackBerry Hello Again  ·  2018-12-13 Just a quick post to say hello, and that I plan on posting here on a more regular basis. Ulysses v2.6 review  ·  2016-08-08 My favorite text editor, Ulysses, just received an update to version 2.6, and it is amazing. There are a few additions to Ulysses in v2.6 but the Slack as a Personal Information Center  ·  2016-07-19 Seth Clifford has started using Slack as a personal information center and it is one of the best uses for Slack that I have seen. I’m a member of a Refreshed in the Wind  ·  2016-06-07 I have always enjoyed watching airplanes take off and land, and fly overhead. As a kid, whenever we drove past an airport I remember looking as hard Thoughts on iOS Third-Party Keyboards  ·  2016-05-18 Update: Added a restriction that I was aware of but had forgotten about. Since Gboard was released last week, iOS third-party keyboards, and the